Cuomo Lets No Crisis Go To Waste
– By Ameer Benno

Last week, Governor Cuomo signed legislation appropriating $40 million to help fight COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.  That was excellent news. But buried within the legislation, however, were troubling provisions appropriating something else – enormous, unprecedented, and unnecessary additional powers to the governor. While the governor already possessed the ability to respond quickly and effectively to […]

Ending Mass Shootings: Two Simple Rules
– By Ameer Benno

With each new mass shooting, the Left calls for more restrictions on legal gun ownership.  The most recent shootings in Santa Clarita, Pensacola and Jersey City are no exception.  In the wake of the tragedy at Saugus High School – where the murderer used a handgun, not an AR-15 – Joe Biden declared his desire […]

The Legislature’s Mandatory HPV Vaccine Bills Are Unconstitutional – By Ameer Benno

New York law requires that children be inoculated against nearly a dozen highly contagious diseases, including smallpox, measles, meningitis, and polio.  Some State legislators now want to add the sexually transmitted disease of human papillomavirus, or HPV, to that list. These legislators assert that because HPV can lead to cervical cancer later in life, all […]

The Left is to Blame for Anti-Semitic Violence
– By Ameer Benno

Recently, in the wake of the attacks on Jews in Jersey City and Monsey, I joined 25,000 other people to march across the Brooklyn Bridge to denounce anti-Semitism.   The march culminated in a rally where various Democratic elected officials spoke, each of whom has accused President Trump for the recent uptick in anti-Semitic violence.     But […]

Rice Ignores Community Concern Over 5G
– By Ameer Benno

Although the coronavirus has been front and center in the news, another public health issue is confronting residents of Nassau County – 5G cell sites. 5G networks are the latest generation of mobile phone technologies, which work by sending signals to and from nearby cell towers using radio frequency (RF) waves. As these sites pop […]